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We draw breath within and from the most magnificent piece of art ever created. Art which eloquently speaks to us of beauty and eternal truths and requires stewardship. I strive to create art that prods me and others to awaken to this everyday beauty surrounding us and to respond as we are called. My creating is part of my response---a reflection of the time and place in which I have been placed. My time is this small span that crosses the 21st century, and my place is the Southern soil of my ancestors. I am drawn by the cadence and complexity of the people, the landscape, and the culture.

My Blog,Drawl
When I began writing for the Newnan-Coweta Magazine in 2006, my editor encouraged me to start a blog which would be an extension of my gardening articles under the title “The Thoughtful Gardener.” I found I enjoyed sharing my photography, and writing, on a regular basis was good for me. As the focus of my life changed, I felt the need to reorient the heart of my blog. Some words would be there, but it would be more geared to photography ... photography that tells a story. The story of what is there for one person in this particular time and place. Everyone has a story. “Drawl” is my narrative rendered in prose, photography, and painting, on my postage stamp of southern soil

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Katherine Barnett McCall

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